A summary of HaMeir LaArets activities. A short biography of our Rebbe and teacher, Harav Yoram Abargel זצו”ל, and his son, who continues his legacy, Harav Yisrael Abargel שליט”א.

Beit Midrash

HaMeir LaArets

The Beit Midrash under the leadership of Harav Yisrael Abargel שליט”א, offers advice and guidance in various areas such as, marriage, relationships, education, faith, livelihood, physical and mental health. Steeped with a straightforward path of Torah learning, based on the ways of our fathers.

HaMeir LaAretz, is active in Israel and around the world, via classes and lectures. Through our publishing house of Siddurim and Torah books; practical, uplifting and fascinating in the numerous aspects of Jewish life, all in the spirit of the remarkable time-honed teachings of Chassidut.

HaMeir LaAretz, endows every Jewish person with the ability to illuminate their life, with a light that will reveal the true meaning of their life’s mission. – “A light that penetrates their soul, infusing within it the pleasantness and sweetness, that’s so appropriate to every Jewish life.” Every one of us has a portion of the holy Torah that belongs to them, and once this light will illuminate in their heart, they will immediately feel a great joy in their heart.

HaMeir LaAretz, is founded on the teachings of, Harav Yoram Michael Abargel זצ”ל, teachings that are based on the goodness in Judaism. In a simple yet clear method that combines the revealed and esoteric parts of the Torah. Teachings of Mussar, Chassidus, Halacha and Hashkafa, interwoven with the Pardes of the Torah, (acronyn for: Peshat, the literal meaning; Remez, the allusion; Drush, the homiletic; and Sod, the esoteric) in a genius and remarkable manner.
Torah that was presented for years, in simplicity, with enamor and clarity. Received with love, ‘like cold water to a weary soul.’
The Beit Midrash aspires to unify – as one – “Our holy Torah,” all of our brethren,  “The House of Israel”, and the root and source of everything, “the creator of the universe.”

The Beit Midrash Activities

HaMeir LaAretz, works hard every day to disseminate the remarkable and precious teachings of Chassidut. Keeping true to it’s message, yet catering it’s vast vision to the unique reality of our generation. HaMeir LaAretz set its mission to connect materiality and spirituality, as one.

Our activities include:

  • Regular informative lectures delivered by, Harav Yisrael Abargel שליט”א, across the country; from the south to north, in dozens of towns and cities – attended by hundreds and thousands of participants.
  • A publishing house of Torah books and manuscripts. – Our publishing house prints of a wide variety of weekly pamphlets, Torah books and Siddurim.
  • Betzur Yarom, a series of commentary on the Sefer Tanya.
  • Imrei Noam, an anthology of talks on the weekly Torah portion.
  • Chelev HaAretz, Halachot and proper personal conduct, in accordance with the Shulchan Aruch, in conjunction with Halacha, Kabbala and Chassidut, elaborated in a simple and clear terminology.
  • The Beit Midrash distributes, free of charge, a fascinating weekly publication named, Pathways to the Soul, based on the classes of Harav Yisrael Abargelשליט”א . Tens of thousands of copies of this publication are distributed in Israel and around the world. Due to it’s great impact, it has been published into a spectacular series of Torah books.
  • Advice and guidance of Harav Yisrael Abargel .שליט”א in all matters affecting a Jewish person. By phone, email, fax, or the contact us form on this website.
  • Multimedia classes and lectures. The Beit Midrash uploads classes and articles to our media section, for everyone to benefit at no cost.
  • Assisting challenged families. – The Beit Midrash aids and assists needy families that require help.

Harav Yoram Michael Abargel זצו"ל

Founder of Rav Pealim - Kol Rina Institutions

A rare combination that characterizes a true Tzadik. – Born on the 17th of Sivan, 5717 to his righteous parents, Rabbi Chanania and Rebbetzin Rina ז”ל. Already from his childhood, he harmoniously combined diligence and perseverance in the study of Torah, spectacular depth, genius clarity, a sweet tongue of study, holy, pure, noble conduct, and charisma. Evident from his early childhood, he was a leader who carries the burden of the people on his shoulders; a true leader who focused his eyes, heart and mind to materially and spiritually benefit
the Jewish people as a nation, and every individual person in particular. A famous mantra of his, frequently heard from his mouth was, “There’s no secular Jew, a Jew is holy and not mundane!” His heart radiated three great loves; Love of G-d; Ahavat Yisrael, love of a fellow Jew; and love of Eretz Yisrael, the land of Israel. His face was always glowing with an aura from the days of yore, and would radiate love and happiness to every person, as is. Despite his spiritual and Torah greatness; an angel from heaven; he conducted himself with simplicity and humility as if he were a regular person.

Torah classes in Chassidut and all areas of the Torah. – As a child, Harav Yoram studied at a Chabad Talmud Torah, his heart pumping with the waters of Chassidut. With time, they later became an enormous river, with rare clarity, disseminating the wellsprings of Chassidut in his daily classes on the holy book of Tanya to the entire world. This developed into a series of books entitled, Betzur Yarom.

He became a most beloved student of the great Gaon, Harav Yisachar Meir זצ”ל, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Hanegev in Netivot, who recognized his great talent, abilities and virtues. He delegated him to deliver classes and to broaden the borders of holiness. As such, the Rav from a young age was already delivering classes in all area of the Torah.
His schedule of classes, spread all over the country, several classes on a daily basis, with consistency and devotion like no other; up until his very last days.

Torah of truth. – In his array of classes, the Rav paved a path for the service of G-d, praying, Torah study, fulfilling Mitzvot, relationships, marital harmony, children’s education, honoring parents, etc. His classes and teachings enchanted and excited the hearts of his listeners, they came to revere and love the Rav who illuminated their lives, and paved for them the road to serve G-d. His remarkable and illuminating classes on Shabbat and Jewish festivals were recorded into a series of books entitled, Imrei Noam.

A multitude of students, from all segments, resonate inwardly the following passage as a reflection of the Rav’s illumining persona, “True teaching was in his mouth, and injustice was not found on his lips. In peace and equity he went with Me, and he brought back many from iniquity. For a priest’s lips shall guard knowledge, and teaching should be sought from his mouth, for he is a messenger of the Lord of Hosts.” (Malachi 2:6-7)

“He who works wonders in the midst of the earth.” – A multitude of Jewish people, would arrive daily at his doorstep, asking for his blessing, for his advice and to bask in the radiance of his pure, holy face. The Rav, as a faithful shepherd tending to his sheep, greeted every person who turned to him, with a radiant face. He made each person feel as if he were an only child, and that he had all the time in the world for him.

“May his Torah shield us, it illuminates our eyes, and he will be a good advocate for us.” – Harav Yoram Micahel Abargel זצו”ל, ascended and went up to heaven, in holiness and purity, on the eve of Shabbat Parashat Beraishit 5776/2015. His sacred influence is perpetuated, with increased vim and vigor, through his precious and illuminating Torah teachings which are distributed by his son who continues his legacy, Harav Yisrael Abargel שליט”א. As such, we merit that his teaching continue to illuminating our eyes, and shower us with an abundance of material and spiritual salvation and mercy.

The Torah kingdom. – In 5745/1984-5, the Rav founded in Netivot, a Kollel study hall for married students, Rav Pealim – Kol Rina. The Rav was literally a father to his students, and worried for anything they lacked materially and spiritually. He accompanied them to their celebrations and through difficult times as well. Throughout the years, the Kollel transformed into a institution in its own right, a network of Kollel institutions spread throughout the country. Under the Rav’s auspices, thousands of married students, study studiously and diligently around the clock at, day, midnight and dawn Kollel institutions. In parallel, the Rav established a publishing house, Rav Berachot, that has been renamed, HaMeir LaAretz, – which is the acronym of Harav Yoram Michael Abargel.

Harav Yisrael Abargel שליט"א

Rosh Yeshiva and Founder of HaMeir LaArets

Harav Yisrael Abargel שליט”א, was raised and educated in the City of Netivot, in the lap of his righteous father. The Rav was educated from a young age to study diligently and to labor in the study of the holy Torah until exhaustion. Since his early years, his father tasked him with the responsibility of leadership with love and endless devotion. His father guided him in service of G-d, combining the study of the revealed and esoteric parts of the Torah, the study of Mussar and Chassidut, the distilling of Talmudic passages until the ruling of practical Halacha can be derived, fulfilling the Mitzvot joy and happiness, with sanctity and purity.

Harav Yisrael Abargel שליט”א, teaches classes throughout the country, with great clarity in all the areas of the Torah. In his inspiring and enlightening classes, the Rav places importance to self help, children’s education, healthy relationships, and individual personality development. Following the classes, numerous people come to ask the Rav for his advice and blessing.

Harav Yisrael served, and continues to serve as a Rosh Kollel in various institutions; the in depth study Kollel, the midnight Halachic Kollel. – These institutions combine the ruling of literal Halacha together with proper conduct according to teachings of Kabbalah and Chassidut. Hereby sharing with his followers and students, his Torah greatness in all the areas.

As per his father’s request, Harav Yisrael שליט”א, founded, developed and built the HaMeir LaAretz institution, an independent institution that works on the authoring, typesetting and editing of many works that are custom geared towards our unique generation. 

Some of he published works: Siddurim, Machzorim for the entire year. A series on the weekly Parasha entitled – Imrei Noam and Pathways to the Soul. A series on Halacha based on the ways of Chassidut – Resheet Hashanah and Chelev Haaretz. The Betzur Yarom series on the holy sefer Tanya.

Harav Yisrael שליט”א, merited to attend to his sacred and pure father during his entire lifetime, he literally never let go of his hand. Through this, he merited to be raised in the shade of the great tree. His father was like the angel telling him, “Grow! Grow!” As such, he was privy to the hidden world of a leader of the generation.

After his father passing, he took upon his shoulders the responsibility to disseminate; in Israel and around the world, the light of his pure and illuminating Torah teachings; to carry the burden of the nation on his shoulders with veritable love. To study and teach with self sacrifice, all the goodness of Judaism, to each individual. Thereby expanding the realm of holiness in the land of Israel, and throughout the entire world.