A summary of the HaMeir LaArets activities, the image of our Rebbe and teacher Harav Yoram Zatzal, and the image of his son, who continues his legacy, Harav Israel Abargel Shlita.

Beth Midrash

HaMeir LaArets

The Beit Midrash under the leadership of Harav Israel Abargel Shlita offers advice and guidance in various topics – Healthy relationships, children’s education, Emuna, Parnassa (livelihood), and physical and mental health, and this is done through deep and honest learning in the path of our sages.

Ha’Meir La’Aretz is active in Israel and around the world, through delivering classes and lectures, book publishing, and ancient scriptures in various topics, which as fascinating, timely to every Jew, in the spirit of and ancient and marvelous Chassidus.

Ha’Meir La’Aretz grants every Jew the option to illuminate his life, with a light that will reveal the true meaning to his life’s mission – “A light that will penetrate to his soul, and will saturate it with tastiness and sweetness, that is appropriate to every Jewish soul. Each one of us has a part in the holy Torah that belongs to him, and once this light will illuminate in his heart, he will feel right away a great joy in his heart.

Ha’Meir La’Aretz was founded out of the teachings of Harav Yoram Michael Abargel of blessed memory, teachings that are built of all the goodness of Judaism, in a simple and clear style, that combines the revealed and concealed parts of the Torah, with the teachings of Mussar and Chassidus, Halacha and Hashkafa, and this is done while combining the entire orchard of the Torah and interweaving them in a genius and remarkable way.
The Beit Midrash strives to connect together – through one bond – the Holy Torah with the entire house of Israel, our dear brothers – together to the root and source of everything – The creator of the world.

Teachings that were served for many years in graceful simplicity and clarity, and was accepted with great love like cold water on a tired soul.

The Beit Midrash activities

Ha’Meir La’Aretz is busy these days with the distribution of the marvelous and rare teachings of Chassit, covering all of its aspects, through matching the contents to the unique reality of our generation. Ha’Meir La’Aretz organization set a goal for itself to connect the physical doing together with the spiritual doing, and works on both aspects as one.

The activities include:

Classes across the country – from the south to the north in dozens of towns and cities, in front of hundreds and thousands of participants, regular classes are delivered by our Rabbi and teacher Harav Israel Abargel Shita, mind blowing lessons, worthwhile for every person.


Book and ancient scriptures publishing institution – The institution is busy with publishing of a wide variety of booklets, books, siddurim and series of books – among them the series on the holy “Tanya” book – “Be’Tzur Yarom”, a series of books with fascinating talks on the weekly Parasha and the Jewish festivals – “Imrei Noam”, and series of Halacha books, according to our poskim, both simplistic and kabbalists – “Chelev HaAretz”.

The Beit Midrash distributes free without any cost a fascinating weekly booklet named “Pathways to the Soul”, based on the classes of Harav Israel Abargel Shlita, a booklet that is being distributed in tens of thousands of copies in Israel and around the world, and due to it’s great impact it already became a spectacular series of books.


Advice and consultation – an answer to every Jewish topic, which allows advice and consultation with our Rabbi and teacher, Harav Israel Abargel Shlita

Thorough phone/ email/ fax/ contact form on the website


Classes and lectures throughout the media – The Beit Midrash uploads classes and articles through the media to any seeker with no cost.


Assisting challenged families – the Beit Midrash accompanies and assists needy families that require help

Harav Yoram Michael Abargel Zatzal

Founder of “Rav Pe’alim - Kol Rina” institutions

A rare combination that characterizes a true Tzadik – Born on May 18 1957 to his righteous parents Rabbi Hanania and Rebbetzin Rina, of blessed memory. Since his childhood he combined with a marvelous harmony devotion and dedication to the holy Torah, spectacular inspection and a genius clarity, a sweet tongue and a language of study, holy and pure manners, suavity and a conquering nobility. Since his early childhood he was outstanding as a leader who carries on his shoulder the burden of the nation, a true leader who focuses his eyes and heart to benefit both materially and spiritually the Jewish nation in general, and in every person in particular. A famous quote that used to be heard out his mouth: “There is no secular Jew, a Jew is holy and not secular!” His heart was pumping with 3 great loves: Love of Hashem, Ahavat Israel (Love for every Jew), and the love for the land of Israel. His face would always illuminate with ancient glory, and would radiate love and happiness to every person, no matter who he is. Despite his spiritual and Torah greatness, of an angel from heaven, he would act with simplicity and humbleness like a regular person.


Torah classes in Chassidus and all the fields of the Torah – As a child, Harav Yoram learned in a Chabad Talmud Torah, where his heart was pumping with the waters of Chassidus, which throughout the days became an enormous river of distributing the foundations of Chassidut in a rare clarity to the entire world in his daily classes in the book of “Tanya”, which later on developed to a series of books called “Be’Tzur Yarom”. Later on he became the favorite student of the great Gaon Rabbi Issachar Meir Zatzal, Rosh Yeshiva of “Hanegev” yeshiva in the city of Netivot, who acknowledged the great talents, abilities and virtues, and appointed him to teach classes and to expand the borders of holiness. And by that, while being a young Rabbi he was already giving classes in all the fields of the Torah.

His classes were distributed all over the country, several classes on a daily basis, with consistency and devotion like no other. Until his very last days.


Torat Emet – In his various classes Harav paved a way in serving Hashem, praying, Torah study, fulfilling the Mitzvot, relationships, Shalom Bayit, children’s education, honoring the parents, etc.. His classes and teachings enchanted and excited the hearts of his listeners, who became the Rav’s fans and lovers, who illuminated their lives, and paved for them the road to serve Hashem. His marvelous and illuminating classes on Shabbat and the Jewish festivals were written in a series of books “Imrei Noam”. Tens of thousands of his students, from all demographics, feel deep inside that the following verses reflect the illumination personality of the Rav: “True teaching was in his mouth, and injustice was not found on his lips. In peace and equity he went with Me, and he brought back many from iniquity. For a priest’s lips shall guard knowledge, and teaching should be sought from his mouth, for he is a messenger of the Lord of Hosts.” (Malachi 2, 6-7)


[He] “who works salvations in the midst of the earth” – Tens of thousands of people of the Jewish nation would arrive at his doorpost everyday to ask for his blessing, to ask advice from him, and to enjoy his pure, holy and illuminating face. And the Rav, as a loyal shepherd to his flock of sheep greeted every person with an illuminating face, he gave each person the feeling as if he is his only son, and he has all the time in the world for him.

His Torah is shield for us, it illuminates our eyes, and he will be a good advocate for us – Harav Yoram Micahel Abargel Zatzal was summoned to the heavens, in holiness and purity, on Shabbat eve, Parashat Bereshit 2016. His holy influence continues with extra strength through his rare and illuminating teachings, which is being distributed by his son, who continues his legacy, Hatav Israel Abargel Shlita, and by that we merit that his teaching keep on illuminating our eyes and shower us with abundance of slavations and mercy, both spiritual and material.

The Torah Kingdom – in 1985 Harav founded in the city of Netivot “Rav Pe’alim – Kol Rina” kollel for avrechim. Harav acted literally as a father to his students, and took care of all their needs, bother material and spiritual. He accompanied them during their happy times, and even at the most difficult times. Throughout the years the Kollel became a true empire, a network of kollel was distributed all over the country, and under the Rav’s sponsorship thousands of avreachim, who learn constantly around the clock, in day Kollel, midnight kollels, and “netz” kollels. In parallel Harav established a book publishing institution named “Rav Berachot”, that changed its name to “HaMeir La’Aretz” – which are the acronyms of Rav Yoram Michael Abargel’s name.

Harav Israel Abargel Shlita

Rosh Yeshiva, Founder - HaMeir LaArets

Harav Israel Abargel Shlita was raised and educated in the city of Netivot, on his righteous father’s knees. Rabbi Israel was educated from a young age to study and labor hard in the holy Torah, until exhaustion, and since his early teenage years his learned from his father how to lead the nation, how to serve the nation with love, and with endless devotion. His father guided him in serving Hashem combining the learning of the revealed and concealed parts of the Torah, with the teaching of Mussar and Chassidut, inquiring Talmudic issues until the ruling of practical Halacha, fulfilling the mitzvot great with happiness, in holiness and purity.

Harav Israel Abargel Shlita teaches classes with clarity in all the fields of the Torah all over the country. In his mind blowing and enlightening classes Harav gives a major role to the building of the soul, children’s education, healthy relationships, and personality development, with its various powers. After the classes that are given around the country, a large audience is reaching the Rav to ask for an advice and his blessing.

Harav Israel also served, and continues to serve even today as a Rosh Kollel in various paths:

Yeshivish Kollel, Kolloel of acquiring Torah knowledge, a midnight Halachic kollel – which combines the ruling of Halacha according to our simplistic sages, with rulings according to Kabbalah and chassidus. In these roles Harav was revealed to his students with his greatness in all the fields of Torah.


According to his father’s request, Harav Israel founder and established, improved and built HaMeir LaAretz institution, an independent institution that is busy with unique and various writing, which is suitable for our generation. Among the books that were published by the institution:
Siddurim and Machzorim for all the prayers of the year, a series of books on the weekly Parasha – “Imrei Noam”, “Pathways to the Soul”,  a series of Halacha books in the path of Chassidut – “Reshit Hashanah”, “Chelev HaAretz”, and a series of books “Be’Tzur Yarom” on the holy “Tanya” book.

Harav Israel Shlita merited to serve his holy and pure father all of his life, and his hand didn’t leave his hand literally, and by that he merited to grow in the shadow of the great tree, as his father who serves as an angel tells him: “Grow! Grow!” and by that he was exposed to the hidden and secret world of the generation’s leader.

After his father passed away, he took on his shoulders the mission to distribute in Israel and the world the light of his pure and illuminating teachings, to carry the burden of the nation on his shoulders with true love, to learn and teach from all the goodness of Judaism, out of devotion to each person, and by that to expand the borders of holiness in the land of Israel, and all over the world.