A person who is purified, can never talk negatively about the Jewish people,

therefore a person who preaches to the masses (in different kiruv events etc..),

must be very careful not to count the sins of the Jewish people. If he is able to

not think positively about the Jewish people, it’s a sign that he didn’t merit to get

close to Hashem for real, even if it only exists in his thoughts, it’s a sign that he is

far away from Hashem, even though from the outside, thank G-d he looks fine,

but deep inside he has decay and worse than that.

Because it is impossible for a person who got his soul purified to talk negatively

about Hashem. Meaning, as it is brought by the “Tanya,” that when a person

talks about another Jew, in fact he talks about Hashem, Blessed Be He, because

there are 2 types of love, the love of Hashem, and the love of the Jewish people

(Ahavat Israel), Ahavat Israel is called a vessel, and the love of Hashem is called

abundance. Abundance can only come down to a place that holds a vessel, and

the vessel of loving Hashem is loving the Jewish people. Therefore whoever

didn’t acquire the love for the Jewish people has no vessel to accept the


Therefore it is prohibited to prosecute the Jewish people, even if you saw –

Don’t say “This nation did so and so..” or “This person did so and so..”

“Do not inform on a slave to his master” (Proverbs 30 10), because the informing

of a Jew that informs below, gives power to great impure powers to prosecute the

Jewish people. When Prophet Issiah said: “..for I am a man of unclean lips, and

amidst a people of unclean lips I dwell..” (Isaiah 6 5), it is written in the holy book

“Reshit Chochma” (Gate of Holiness – Chapter 14) that right away an angel came

down from heaven with coals and it put them on his mouth, and it asked him:

“Why do you talk like this about the Jewish people? You have no permission to

talk like that”, even though he was a very great prophet, and he was the prophet

of consolation, his merit didn’t stand to protect him.

The main thing is Ahavat Israel. Therefore according to the “Tanya”, whoever has

a love for the Jewish people burning in his heart, it breaks all the barriers

between the person and his creator, and when a person hates a Jew, all the

barriers return. Therefore King David, who broke all the barriers – and the

following will testify on him: The event with Shimi Ben Gera, and Avshalom his

son, and Amnon his son, and Yoav Ben Zeruia, and Sheva Ben Bichri – he never

responded back, because he knew that if he will get upset at another Jew,

All the spiritual illuminations that he acquired by loving Hashem will vanish. And

when Hashem saw that King David broke all the barriers, right away he

appointed him to become the 4th pillar of the “Merkava”. He was the one who got

chosen over all the ones who were prior to him – Moshe Rabenu, Aharon

HaCohen, the Sanhedrin and all the prophets – Only he was chosen to become

the 4th pillar, and that is due to the love he had for the Jewish people.

Whoever follows the path of Ahavat Israel – will never be in a situation in which

he gets humiliated. Not by his household, not by his children, not by his

grandchildren, not by his grand-grandchildren, and not by any of his offspring –

Because all of them will be called “Offspring Blessed by Hashem”. Therefore it is

always very beneficial to repeat this at the Shabbat table, and also at the family’s

Smachot, and in every opportunity in which the family sits together. Because

during the weeks everyone is very occupied, but Hashem, Blessed Be He gave

us Shabbat and other important events, to take advantage of the opportunity to

pass along these little messages, which are very great. Because the message

resembles a seed of a date, even though it is very tiny, because after it gets

absorbed by the land it becomes a great tree, that can produce many dates.

Therefore it is mandatory to always talk at the Shabbat table about “Ahavat

Israel”. If the children merit to acquire Ahavat Israel, words of gossip will never

come out of their mouths, nor words of mischief nor drollery. They will always be


On the same token. Even if a Jew harmed you or caused you any kind of

suffering try to forgive him right away, he is only a stick of the creator, Blessed

Be He. If a person harmed you, and you forgive him right away, and do not hold

a grudge against him, know that you have a great reward awaiting you.

Whoever can succeed in this test, and forgive entirely to the one who harmed

him, his virtue is very great. Hashem, Blessed Be He rewards and benefits

people according to their forgiveness towards others, and of course it is a very

difficult work, as it is written in “Mesilat Yesharim” (Chapter 11) – that a person

feels very strongly when he gets humiliated, and suffers a lot from it. And his

revenge is sweeter than honey, because it’s his only comfort.

Therefore when he gets the power to abandon the power of habit, and his will

forgive, and will not hate the one who ignited the feelings of hate in him, and will

not take revenge on him, at the time that he could, and will not hold a grudge

towards him – But instead forget everything and remove if from his heart, as if it

never happened – such a person is strong and courageous – and he is compared

to the angels in heaven, who don’t have these traits, and not people of flesh and

blood, that their foundation is made by dust. Therefore whoever can succeed in

this, his reward is great. (Be’Tzur Yarom, Part 1 Page 136)

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Turnus Rufus the Evil, this gentile was educated and he had questions about the
scriptures and the outlook on life etc..

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A person who is purified, can never talk negatively about the Jewish people,therefore a person who preaches to the masses (in different kiruv events etc..), must be very careful not to count the sins of the Jewish people.

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